what is your game?Consider life as a game and meditate on your main game in life. For example, maybe you are a parent, you could pause and see how you are playing the parent game. Other examples to review are your work, religion, or spiritual practices, social life, and so forth.

Which is the most important game you play? A great way to evaluate which game is important to you is to see how much time and energy you devote to it and whether it brings you joy, satisfaction, or something you desire. If you do not work and your children are grown, what game is filling your time? If you are caught in difficulties how can you change it?

Looking at your games in life helps you learn to know yourself which is the first step on any spiritual path. Seeing life as a game can help you have a simpler, lighter view. You can easily release judgement when evaluating a “game” instead of a responsibility.

Everyone has their personal games also, such as flirting, joking, being serious, self-righteous, self-sympathetic, or any other way of relating to life. Do you like yourself? Do you want others to take care of you? Do you take responsibility for yourself? Are you bored? These observations and questions can help you clearly see how you are playing your game of life. When you discover your answers they will help you enjoy or change your game.

You may discover your spiritual purpose as you open to how you are living your physical life. The emotions from your body will inform you, the spirit, about whether or not you are dealing with your body correctly. If your body is overly afraid, angry, hateful, or judgmental it needs your attention and a change of “game.” If your attention is on work and you want time for family, you need to meditate on how to create a change.

Knowing yourself is a major game in itself. Self-knowledge requires your time and attention. You will need to focus on yourself through quiet meditation and daily observation of your thoughts and actions. Self-knowledge will definitely help you diminish boredom and self-righteousness while you tune into fulfilling your spiritual purpose.

Fulfilling your spiritual purpose is to play your game in your way. Are you a healer? You can fulfill that calling in a million ways: parent, teacher, comedian, performer, friend, enemy, nurse, counselor and a smile. Are you here on Earth to create change? You can do that with your every thought and action. Are you learning lessons about sharing love in the middle of survival challenges?

Remember, being a loving presence is a powerful action. Know yourself, be yourself, and you will play your game of life well.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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