TalentsEveryone has talent. Some people need to either discover or acknowledge their talents. Maybe you don’t realize some of your talents.

A list of talents you may have that you do not recognize as talent are:

  • The ability to help people laugh
  • Your neutrality in disturbing situations
  • Kindness
  • Fast emergency responses
  • Your open relationship with your God
  • Your ability to change
  • The ability to bring joy to others with music, art, or any other ability
  • The ability to listen

You may not recognize your many spiritual talents such as your ability to meditate, your healing ability or your clairvoyance. All of your spiritual abilities can be used in every aspect of your life.

The list can go on and on. Once you begin to acknowledge your talents, you can see more talents and how you use them such as being a parent, business person, mechanic, cook and all of the other aspects of your life. When you see your talents, you do not have as much attention on what you are unhappy about. Instead of “Oh, I can’t do that” or “I don’t have anything to offer,” you begin to validate your talents and what you do have to offer in any circumstance.

Realize the energy you conserve when you validate and use your talents instead of worrying about what you don’t have. When you stop complaining about your lack of talent and recognize your talents, you will be amazed about your many gifts. Often the thing we feel most invalidated about is our strongest talent.

Often I hear people criticize themselves instead of validate their talents. A friend recently changed her profession. At the beginning of her new job, she was afraid of not having the talent to accomplish her new job. She invalidated herself and her contributions until friends helped her realize that she needed to validate her innate talents that were beneficial in either job. When she validated her talents of organizing, communicating, intelligence and her ability to make rapid change, she was happier and much less afraid about succeeding with the new challenges of the job.

We can all discover talents that we take for granted. Look at your increase of fun when you enjoy your talents and use them consciously.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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