waste not want notMost people work hard for what they have, so let’s focus on not wasting our labors by wisely using all we have. “Waste not, want not” is a wise old saying my grandmother used often and reminds me of how different we are today.

When I was a child my grandmother saved everything even though she always had what she needed. She used the throwaways of others and made beautiful quilts and other useful things. Her thrifty attitude is not part of our present economic practice. We throw away so much we have a problem with what to do with our waste.
Native Americans have taught the same philosophy of taking from nature only what is needed and using it wisely. This way of life allows plenty for all of Earth’s creatures including humans. At present, humans are practicing the opposite philosophy of grabbing everything fast and leaving a great deal of waste and destruction in their wake. This greed is based on the fear that there isn’t enough.

The attitude of respect for our world and physical creations is based on the vibration of love. We are now mostly operating on the emotion of fear and its byproducts of greed, hate, resentment, and so forth. The “waste not, want not” and “take only what you need and use it wisely” philosophies require courage and faith. You need the faith that what you need will be available to you and courage to rise above human fears that create attitudes of greed and destruction. Many aspects of society teach greed by fostering the fear that everyone has to struggle to survive and there is not enough for everyone.

Planet Earth is our land of plenty, or “Garden of Eden” when we relate to our physical home with love and respect. Like our individual bodies, our planet can provide everything we need when we manage our creativity with a spiritual perspective. Recently, I drove by a yard filled with apple trees with the apples falling and rotting on the ground. How easy is it to call a neighbor or food bank to harvest and distribute the fruit? What do you have that you are wasting: a talent, time, food, knowledge? How can you waste not and help all creatures want not? How can you use what Earth gives to you in a wise manner to benefit all?
As always, I recommend meditation to help you turn within to discover your wealth and how you want to use it wisely.

Mary Ellen Flora

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