grounding is the wayEveryone can choose to be spiritually awake.

When we make a commitment to being spiritually awake, we can also help others awaken spiritually. All of us can make this commitment. We can begin or continue our awakening and awareness of spirit. We can even learn to share what we know with others.

Most of us have something we do not want to face in our lives, so we put ourselves to sleep about it. We create a numbness about the issue and soon a part of us is asleep and we do not even notice. Throughout life, we may deaden a significant part of our body and brain to avoid being aware of some of our creations. This sleep state makes our relationship with our bodies and our lives colorless, dull and even painful. We may even put ourselves to sleep so much we forget we are a bright spirit.

We need to wake up as spirit and bring our bodies back to life also. Often people try to avoid waking up because it can be a painful process. It can be compared to an arm “going to sleep” when you laid on it and tingling and hurting when the blood returns to the arm. When we wake up our memories, we may find painful, disturbing, or embarrassing experiences. After time and healing, the pain clears and the spiritual light flows in just like the blood returning to the arm and the pain disappears.

Are you asleep concerning things in your life? Are you allowing your body to carry the burden of life without you, the spirit, to guide it? Many people “go to sleep” because they were afraid. Are you afraid to move forward in your life? Are you afraid of your own power and beauty?

One reason you may be afraid is if you have deadened so much of your system that you are not fully functional. How much of your system is asleep? If a spiritual teacher walked in and said, “It is time to go,” would you be ready? Or would you have to get busy waking up to yourself? “Ok, I am spirit. Oh, I have a body and energy system. Oh, my body and system are turned down and turned off so much I can’t fully use them. Wait for me!” Everyone who was awake and prepared would be gone. Do not worry, you get more than one chance. It is fun to travel with your friends, so stay awake and you can travel with your group.

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak,” is a great quote. We have to remember this and use our bodies correctly. We have to cleanse and heal them; keep them healthy, physically and spiritually; and make sure no part is asleep. We the spirit are responsible for our bodies and need to keep them prepared for our spiritual use.

We are fortunate to have spiritual techniques to help us be awake and continue to awaken areas we discover are asleep. We can meditate on our creations and wake up to all we have and what we want to change. We can validate our bright light, beauty and power. We can wake up to our relationship with The Divine, the source of our strength.

Wake up! Wake up to yourself the spirit; your power, vitality and relationship with Divine Awareness. Wake up your body and use it to let your light shine into the world. Be awake so you can enjoy the celebration of life.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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