Unity Picture ImageGrow up! Yes, it is time for the human race to grow up and mature rapidly in order to survive to accomplish our spiritual goals. Many great teachers have been on Earth to teach us and help us, but we have to make our choices and stand up for them. We need to mature enough to recognize:
1. We are spirit with a physical body and spirit needs to be in charge.
2. We are all one in the Cosmic Consciousness or God.
3. Our bodies are related like a family with very few differences.
4. We are meant to seek unity rather than division.

Then why are we so divided and at war with each other? Our division and conflicts are based on our lack of recognition of ourselves, and everyone on Earth, as spirit. We are not just our bodies, we are spirit and as one in spirit. Our bodies operate on the level of emotions and intellect, neither of which can truly comprehend spirit, God, Cosmic or whatever words you choose. We need our spiritual perspective, but in the present the bodies are mostly in charge.

Today there are inspirations around the world from young people who are more mature than many adults. Instead of accepting the status quo, they are demanding change and the right for all people to live in safety and peace. Women are also speaking up for equality and safety. To accomplish this, all of us need to focus on our spiritual nature to be accepting, respectful, neutral and a healing presence. It takes all of us to heal our world and begins with each individual.

There is abuse in every area of life thus we need to help the abused so they do not become abusers. Whether an abuser is a sexual abuser, mass shooter, terrorist, child trafficker or bully, we all need to recognize them and speak up. This requires rising above our personal fear and reaching out in many ways.

Whether the abuse is related to gender, race, religion, nationality or any other aspect of human creativity, it is based on fear. We need to rise above fear to overcome the supposed power of fear-based behavior. We need to act as individuals and as groups and ideally as the human race to do our best to change human behavior from being based on fear to an emergence of love and unity.

Begin this process within yourself, find others like yourself and stand up for what you believe in in a healing manner. Remember, fighting or resisting evil only adds to it. Recognize yourself as spirt and a spark of the Divine Force. Also recognize every other human as a spark of the Divine and learn what you need to from them. When we recognize this unity we rise above the fear of being alone and fear of the unknown. We begin to see purpose in our lives and develop respect for everyone else’s purpose.

The maturing process of the human race has been occurring since the beginning of human existence. The more humans acknowledge our spirituality and learn to take charge of our physical bodies, the more we recognize our responsibility for creating our world together. The more we communicate, deal with present time reality and allow affinity, the better able we are to mature and create together.

We need to release our ideals about a perfect world and accept humanity as a big family that has the full spectrum of human creativity. As the human family, we can work out our problems and create our desires if we focus on our spiritual nature. Unity will overcome division, love will overcome fear, when we believe in our strength to manifest as spirit bringing maturity into our physical bodies.

Meditation can help you mature by allowing you to know yourself and your purpose. Meditation can give you the strength to accomplish your purpose. Look within and unify your spirit-body dichotomy to help bring unity to yourself and the world.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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