Understanding DeathPeople want to know what happens after death. If you know that you are spirit and you are not your body, you have some realistic idea of what occurs after the body’s death.

Below are several excerpts on death from:
Kundalini: The Flame of Life.

“Death is another aspect of the body’s reality that we do not have as spirit. The body dies, spirit does not. Death is also a body characteristic with which we have become obsessed. We are no longer senior enough as spirit to the body to accept its death as a part of its existence. This indicates how much we have come to worship our bodies instead of ourselves the spirit and our God.

An awareness of reincarnation eliminates many of the body games about death, as one becomes aware of having occupied many bodies. Reincarnation validates a continuing learning process for spirit manifesting in many bodies. Reincarnation allows for a realistic, respectful relationship with the body, and for its death.

For spirit, birth and death are the same. They are a transition from one reality to another. I have had several near-death experiences. Some of them were more fun than others. One time, for a few seconds, I believed that I was dead and experienced a wonderful inner peace. When I realized the body was alive, the experience changed completely as the body survival instincts took control. This happened when I was in my early twenties. I was fishing on the rocky cliffs on the coast of California, north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We took a break from fishing to climb down on the rocks to collect mussels for bait. As I was bending down to get a fine fat mussel, a large wave washed over me, taking me into the sea. There was a giant rock just offshore from where I was, and I hit my back against it, and then shot through the channel which ran between the cliffs and the rock. I left my body for a short time, and when I returned to my body, I had the thought that I was dead; I felt so peaceful. All I saw was blue and I felt weightless. This was, of course, the water around me. When I looked up, I saw that I was under water, and I could see the light of the sun. Survival was a possibility and was immediately number one on my list of priorities. I swam as fast as possible toward the light and the surface.

Since I, the spirit, was thrown out of my body without warning, the body believed it was dead. As spirit, I experienced being free of the body. The body and the consciousness of the body were happy to discover I was still present and it was alive. This dichotomy, of immortality and mortality, is part of learning to balance the dichotomy of being spirit in a body. At the time of this experience, I was not as spiritually awake as I am now; even then, I knew that I was much more than my body. As I processed and evaluated the experience, I remembered a great deal that I had forgotten from this life and past lives. The physical shock of the experience, plus the spiritual aspect of it, brought up information from my subconscious memory that helped me awaken spiritually. I do not recommend creating accidents or trauma of any kind to spiritually awaken, although many people use this method. Meditation is much more pleasant and works better, with no damage to the system to heal later.

Most everyone is afraid of death because people often are not aware of themselves as spirit. People believe they are just the body, so the death of the body is frightening since it appears to be the end of all consciousness. Death of the body is not the end of consciousness. It is the beginning of a new consciousness. Just as birth puts the soul’s awareness into the physical world, so death puts the soul’s attention back into the spiritual realm. We can gain mastery over the experience of creating in matter, to the level of learning to take all of the information we gained in a life, into the next stage of development. Our information can become immortalized if we learn to ground from the first chakra and use our kundalini energy to transform our energy into spiritual levels for use after the body’s death.

Death is a body phenomenon. Only the body dies. Spirit is immortal and never dies. We change form from one life to another and from one spiritual state to another. It is necessary to gain a spiritual perspective to see the immortality of spirit and the mortality of the body. It is necessary to be spiritually oriented and neutral to truly accept this spirit-body difference. We need to learn about energy and how to manipulate it to change forms and create what we want in order to be senior to death.”

By Mary Ellen Flora

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