time is a giftTime is a precious gift. Most likely you have noticed Earth time appears to be moving faster, so time seems to be even more valuable. This period in human history is a wonderful period to have a human body because the energy is very high and all physical phenomena are more open to the high vibration of spirit. This is a time of vast, fast change. How are you using your time?

Many humans do not pause to meditate on how to spend their time. Instead, they squander their time on things that do not have meaning for them. They are always busy, but do not create what they want. Allotting some of your precious time to meditation allows you to evaluate your life and redirect your flow of attention and energy when necessary or desired. Everyone needs quiet time to allow the body to heal and recharge and to regain perspective. Meditation is the ideal way to create this needed time of inner reflection.

The world is filled with stimulating things, responsibilities, projects, family, friends, work and more. An island of peace in this whirlwind of activity is necessary to stay balanced and healthy. Meditation time lets us regroup and balance the many things in our lives. It helps us let go of unnecessary activities, rest the body and redirect our attention.

Everyone I know is extremely busy. Most of these people meditate and make comments about their need for meditation, such as: “I would be crazy if I did not have the meditation techniques.” “When I awaken at night, feeling disturbed, I get up, meditate and feel much better in 20 to 30 minutes.” “Meditation allows me time for myself, to recharge so I can keep going.” It is easy to become confused with the amazing amount of input and the demands of today. Meditation gives you precious time to get back to yourself and your personal information. It allows you to focus on what is important to you.

How you use your time is a good topic for meditation, to help you balance your life. Is all of your time used to do things for others? Do you take time to care for your body and yourself? Are you always working? Balance is healing, and humans need time for work, play, family and self. Observing other animal species can help us see this need for balance as healthy. All animals devote time to their family, the work required to survive, play time and quiet time alone. If any part of this formula is missing, the system gets out of balance and illness may be the result. All creatures need to balance how they use their gift of time.

Since time is so valuable, you benefit from evaluating how you “spend” it. Do you spend your time on things you love? If you love your family, but work long hours, you may need to find a way to create more family time. There is always a way to create what you want. “I can’t change that” is an excuse. Less work and more home time may create less money for recreation but allows for more creativity in free time. Meditation can open doors in your awareness to help you see your way to spending your time as you desire.

Time is an illusion for spirit, but is the creative medium for the body. Spirit can play with and use time to create what it wants. Spirit is outside of the confines of time. The body lives and operates in time and the limits of time. The body is always in the present moment, while spirit can play in the illusion of past and future. We, as spirit, are presently bringing higher spiritual energy into the physical world which makes time appear to be moving faster than what the body has experienced previously. We are spirit and are changing the illusion of time by raising the vibration on Earth. Time is a wonderful medium in which to create, which is one reason we create in a body. It is up to us how we spend this valuable gift while creating on Earth. Meditation helps us remember how we want to use our time here on Earth.

Enjoy each site and all three to help you on your journey of self discovery.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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