The World Loves Romance We are all entranced by romance. We see romance in movies, books, greeting cards, magazines and many other places the world over. The emphasis on romance is mostly on the body characteristics such as physical appearance, sexuality, and strong emotions which are all part of romance. But what about the spiritual aspect of relationships? We are always dealing with the duality of spirit and body, but the physical aspects of life usually get the most publicity because we focus more on our bodies than we do on ourselves, the spirit, and the body focus makes more money.

 Each of us is spirit with a body, thus all relationships include this duality regardless of gender preference or identity. We usually focus on the physical attraction when the spiritual connection is the true foundation of all relationships. When we do not acknowledge our spirituality, and that all others are also spirit, we miss the meaning of relationships. We are ideally relating spirit to spirit in all relationships, hopefully with a physical attraction also in a romantic relationship.

 Many people ask me about their romantic attractions. If they ask, “Is this the one?” the answer is no, because if you connect spirit to spirit you know “this is the one”. The main problem with romantic relationships is putting your attention exclusively on the physical instead of also recognizing the spiritual connection. When you allow yourself to awaken to your unique spiritual nature, you will recognize the spiritual nature in others and be drawn to a spiritual connection.

 Your spiritual connection will be a strength to carry you through the ups and downs of your physical attraction to create a lasting, fulfilling romance. The physical attraction alone will not strengthen your relationship enough to survive arguments, other physical attractions, financial issues, children and the many other creations that flow from a connection between two people. So, know you and your special partner as spirit and life together will have greater meaning.

Enjoy the dance of life together!

By Mary Ellen Flora

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