The Way Within MeditationThis is an excerpt from Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening by Mary Ellen Flora

“For many years I have taught classes focused on spiritual awakening. During that time, I have learned that, more than anything else, people need to learn to meditate. All of the answers to our questions are within us. What remains for us to do is to find a way to turn within for our unique information and our internal path to God. Meditation is the way within to spiritual awakening and the realization that our spiritual perspective is essential for us to create what we need. Because the Creator of all things, or All That Is, or Cosmic Consciousness, or whatever name you use, really has no name, throughout his book I will most often refer to our Divine Source as God.

People have asked me so many times, in so many ways, “How do I find my information to solve my problems?” My reply is always: “Learn to meditate.” When you learn to meditate, you begin to remember how to tune in to God. All of the answers to your questions can be found within yourself. When you look within, you find the divine spark of God within you. This God Consciousness provides all of the information you seek.
Meditation leads you within to you, the spirit, because it involves quieting the physical and focusing on the spiritual. Meditation is the only way I know to truly find the answers to your life questions. With meditation, you put your attention back on the spiritual realm within and seek your information there, instead of looking outside yourself for your answers in the physical world around you.

I believe that most people have discovered that a new car, a new outfit, a vacation or any other physical acquisition or action will not solve a problem other than on a superficial level that is not lasting. We need to realize that our information is found within ourselves and not in the world around us. To solve the major problems or answer the important questions of life, we need our spiritual perspective, which is found within. With only the physical perspective, we continue to create the same problems over and over because we focus on outside and do not listen to the spiritual answers within.”

Mary Ellen Flora

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