power of givingGiving is part of our human nature. We humans have a drive to give, to share, to nurture. It is part of our physical system to allow for the continuing survival of the species, and with us spiritually as an aspect of creativity. When we do not give in some way, we become sick because we become out of balance. Giving is half of the creative circle with receiving being the other half of this circle. Our goal is to balance giving and receiving, but the art of giving and receiving is not presently being nurtured. Instead, fear is the common vibration of human interaction so controlling others and greed often replace giving and receiving.

Unfortunately, giving is often connected with control, but when we give without strings attached, we are truly giving. What do you give without expectations? Your laughter, your happiness, your attention, money, prayers? Or do you give with conditions? “I’ll give you this if you do that.” We all need to reevaluate our giving so we can teach our children to give freely and receive joyously.

We have also associated receiving with greed. This fear-based behavior disrupts Earth’s natural balance of giving and receiving, and creates destruction, poverty, and deprivation. Governments, religions, financial controllers, and others create destructive patterns by forgetting that giving is not control and receiving is not greed.

We can all help end our cycles of destruction by returning to freely giving what we have to the world family and joyously receiving its bounty. Some will give inspiration, hope, and other spiritual blessings. Others will give food, water, clothing, and other physical needs. People can influence governments, religions, and other power groups to give instead of to manipulate. We can accomplish this balance by turning within and finding our inner strength to give, and by sharing our strength with others. We can mature enough to give each other respect, attention, and the basic needs of life. We also need to receive to survive and thrive. Ideally adults grow into the joy of both giving and receiving in balance. It is definitely time for humans to grow up, give freely, and enjoy receiving as adults.

Earth is a wonderful mother with natural cycles and balances. Earth is a place of beauty and abundance meant to be shared by all creatures. Begin within yourself and give yourself what you need to allow your inner balance of giving and receiving to shine in the world. Within yourself, you will discover what you are here to give the world and how to share your gifts freely. You will receive more than you can imagine by reawakening your power of giving.

Meditation focuses you within where you will discover your strength and balance. Meditation brings you the power of self knowledge and the power to create in this physical world. Turn within and awaken your power of giving.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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