The Joy of GivingI love to give. I learned years ago that this strong urge to give is innate; it comes from God.

When I was a young child, the family tale an older cousin tells is that I went down to the brook on my grandparent’s farm and threw in my sister’s shoes for the frogs because they had none.
Now, I am an animal lover, so perhaps this interesting story is true. You notice, I didn’t use my own shoes!

I used to love to give beautiful flowers to a CDM spiritual teacher and friend, especially because she was such a gracious receiver. It was so validating to give to someone who could receive. I went away happy that day and my happiness lasted the entire day. On the other hand, it’s not a validating experience to give if the other person can’t receive. A balance between giving and receiving is best.

My young neighbor and friend came over the other day and said she had something for me. She sat down next to me on the couch, with her hand behind her back. After a pause, she brought forth her hand, opened up her fist, bowed her head in modesty, and showed me her offering. She was silent and awaited my response to her valued gift. This was done with such simplicity and trust that it touched me deeply. The gift was her favorite tiger’s eye stone.  As she gave me this gift, I was aware of her total vulnerability in that moment, the simplicity of the act and the love it represented. I cherish that moment of pure joy in the spiritual exchange between a giver and a receiver.

I re-read recently a passage written by a CDM spiritual teacher and leader in which he reminds us that as healers we love to give, and we find pleasure, as we give, in the joy, happiness and comfort of the receiver.

How do you practice this spiritual dance of giving and receiving? It seems that in the springtime, with life coming awake all around us in Nature, this urge to give comes especially alive.

By Lembi Kongas

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