Blue FlowerI just saw a beautiful blue flower growing out of a tiny crack in the cement. It made me think of how the nature of the flower is to grow toward the sun. I think about my personal healing and the determination to grow.

It reminds me of several times in my life when I allowed my fears to close in on me and close in my life. Before long, I became afraid of men, afraid of women, afraid of life. I closed my blinds. I was afraid of criticism. In fact, any feedback translated as criticism even when it was loving and neutral.

What I have inside me colors my view, my glasses. Learning how to ground and use self-healing techniques has given me tools to clean off my glasses. I no longer mistrust everyone. In fact, just today I got afraid of something that wasn’t actually any threat at all.

With help from a friend, I used my grounding and released a past experience of being alone with my dad and getting hurt. I grounded and cried and let go of a layer of that pain. Then I could see that there was nothing scary about my present situation. I was able to take fuller breaths of air after grounding, release the old fear, and continue my daily activities.

With a determination to grow and the help of my meditation techniques, I am no longer frozen by my fears. I am like that beautiful blue flower growing out of the crack in the cement toward the sun.

By Lucy Walden

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