grounding to help you balanceDid you see the solar eclipse and have a moving experience? Did you notice a shift in your system even if you did not physically watch the eclipse?
The solar eclipse is a major sign of our Earth transitions so most people did experience some change. Our physical world is changing rapidly and our greatest challenge now is to awaken spiritually.
The colors observed during the eclipse spoke of spiritual growth and transformation. Observers were moved and inspired because we were able to see a physical phenomenon representing our spiritual nature and awakening.
The many traumas occurring on our planet now can help us realize how we are mismanaging our world. Just as an illness of the body can indicate a need for physical change, a planetary disaster indicates a need for world change. For example: a “bad cold” is often the sign of a body being over extended; floods in cities can be an indication of mismanagement of urban development. Any time we do not relate to our physical world from a neutral, spiritual view, we mismanage because of fear, hate, greed, and other destructive emotions in our bodies.
The solar eclipse is a wake up call for us to open spiritually and see ourselves and our world from neutral. We are spirit and the creators of all of our physical manifestations. When we are spiritually aware, we can rise above our body’s emotions and intellect to see how to create a beneficial environment.
How do you regain your spiritual awareness and abilities? Meditation is the key to reawakening to who you are and all that you are capable of creating.
If you already meditate, add the spiritual technique of grounding to help you balance your spirit-body dichotomy. You can be like the sun and moon and balance your abilities to project and reflect to allow your self-knowledge, power, and beauty.
Awaken to the fact that you are spirit and both the physical and spiritual realities are transforming. Focus on yourself, the spirit, and you will know how to respond to your physical changes and challenges.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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