Spiritual Focus Our physical world is dynamic, exciting and tempting. Even the events that disturb us draw our attention and energy, so this is a challenging time to be spiritually focused, when there is so much noise. We are fortunate if we have spiritual techniques to help us stay grounded, neutral, in present time and able to focus spiritually.

Any time of the year is a good time to meditate on the power and importance of what we are doing in our lives and in the world. Are you allowing your meditations to affect your life? Pause and look at one event where you used your spiritual techniques and changed a situation.

One meditation student told me that she was talking with co-workers and everyone was afraid about nuclear war. She grounded herself and reminded the group that it was not happening in the moment. She said some people were irritated by her comment but one man agreed and made a joke which changed most people’s energy to amusement. The group raised their energy with either anger or amusement and ceased to add fear to the world because the student grounded and raised the vibration.

Without even being aware of your influence, you are affecting the lives of many people when you use spiritual information. When you use grounding, you affect everyone around you. The world greatly needs neutrality now because people are extremely emotional about the many events and transitions that have occurred and are occurring.

We need to have our focus on balance and often when something has been out of balance it will go to the opposite extreme before it can balance in neutral. For example, the emergence of abuse awareness is going through this balancing act. Eventually, humans will move through the emotional stage and gain neutrality where we will discover and create new, healthier patterns without so much abuse.

Whatever your personal concerns are, remember balance. If you need to go to an extreme in order to balance, allow yourself to have some awareness of what you are doing. Recently, our staff was confronted with a major computer problem and afraid of losing a great deal of data. The IT professional suggested an extreme solution to the problem and the staff focused in neutral and decided on an easier path. The staff followed through on the spiritually focused solution and solved the problem without much trauma. Remember, you need courage to follow your spiritual path because most people focus on a physical solution.

Have courage and manifest your spiritual view into the world. Your contribution does not need to be aggressive or loud to have great impact. Your quiet, grounded, neutral presence is more powerful than you know. Learn to meditate using grounding. Learn to know yourself and become aware of your impact on the world.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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