spiritual communicationAqua Farm was the name of our farm where we raised organic herbs. My late husband, Peter, and I greatly enjoyed the country life with lots of space – a pond, small wooded area, three very large greenhouses and large fields. Our only close neighbors were cows, coyotes, hawks, eagles and various other creatures. My hobby was raising a few chickens and ducks.

One morning I was frightened by hearing Peter yell at something as if he were going to kill it. When I came outside, I saw him running down our long driveway so fast his untied shoes flew off as he ran. Looking down the drive, I saw an eagle on the ground and knew it must have one of my ducks.

By then Peter had reached the eagle, swinging his arms and yelling. The eagle was so startled that it flew up into the air a short distance with my duck in its talons, then flew back down and dropped the duck. By then I had reached the scene: the eagle and its mate left the ground and flew away, Peter picked up my duck and handed her to me and I comforted my terrified, little friend. A still view of the moment was a man, two women, a dog and two ducks being watched over a fence by twenty curious cows. Our farm helper and our dog had heard the commotion and joined the excitement.

Eagles are huge and when on the ground are very intimidating. Peter got the eagle to drop the duck because he was even more intimidating. He said he kept sending the message to the eagle that he would kill it if it didn’t drop the duck. Clearly the eagle got the message. Eagles do not come back and gently drop their prey once they are in flight with it, so it is clear that the eagle spiritually received the message Peter was sending. It obviously believed him and dropped the duck.

After things calmed slightly, I thanked Peter for saving our duck and then fussed at him for putting himself in danger. Our duck friend lived and only needed a few stiches from the talon punctures. She lived a long life and she and her mate were inseparable.

My little story is to me a validation of spiritual communication. All of the creatures involved were communicating and since most of the participants did not have language there was definitely a great deal of spiritual communication, such as telepathy.

Look for the spiritual communication in your life. It can be with humans and other species. If you have pets, pay attention because they are communicating with you. This spiritual communication can add a new dimension to your life.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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