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M.F. ‘Doc” Slusher

“The things I have created in my reality were not what my lazy, pleasure-loving body-self could ever have dreamed of creating. These creations are a validation of spirit and of a spiritual commitment to a cosmic purpose. It is because of spiritual purpose that I have persisted.”
~M. F. Slusher, “Introduction”, I Believe: Sermons, CDM Publications, 1992.

Menuard Slusher began his life in the Ozark Mountains.  He earned his nickname, “Doc” at an early age when he used to lay his hands on family and friends to help heal them.

In 1939, Doc joined the US Navy. During World War II, he saw action in the Pacific Theatre, including Pearl Harbor.   By 1943, he was a Medic in the US Marines.   After the war, he pursued a career in Dentistry, where he practiced for about 20 years before becoming allergic to tooth dust.   This allowed Doc to pursue new avenues.   He worked as an Orchardist until the mid-1970’s when he discovered the Church of Divine Man and began his spiritual path.

Doc was ordained in 1976 and, along with fellow Minister Mary Ellen Flora, incorporated the Church of Divine Man in Washington State.   In addition to teaching, healing, and reading, Doc created and developed the men’s spiritual awareness classes.   He taught thousands of people to turn within and be aware of themselves as spirit.

Doc was appointed Presiding Bishop in 1990 and continued to play an inspirational role in the Church until 1999 by delivering weekly sermons that drew audiences from hundreds of miles away.   His sermons have been published in a volume entitled I Believe: Sermons, which is available from CDM Publications.

Doc passed away in 2005, but his memory and teachings still live on at CDM.

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