snow angelI was taking a Clairvoyance Class at CDM recently when a major snowstorm hit our area. The class was postponed for a week due to the weather conditions. When notified that the class would resume the following Saturday, I was afraid that I couldn’t make it.

There were still about six inches of snow on the roads in Bellingham. The city had plowed my street but my driveway was completely blocked. I hadn’t been out for six days even though the streets were much better. So, I had two days to figure out how to get out of my driveway.

When I thought about calling to say I wouldn’t be in class, I realized how much I wanted to go. I went to bed that night asking my healing guide and angels for help. I woke up the next morning knowing my body wasn’t able to move all that snow myself but excited and happy to see what I could do.

I took my little green lawn chair and my garden shovel to the end of the driveway, sat on the sidewalk and began shoveling little bits of snow at a time. I was there about ten minutes when a man in a pickup truck pulled up with a big smile and asked if I wanted help. My mouth dropped open. “Yes!”

He cleared all the snow away, he and I talking the entire time about our lives in Bellingham. He told me about his family, the five acres where they live out in the county and about all the wildlife they saw including a family of huge owls that lived nearby.

It took him about fifteen minutes to do the job. I thanked him for his kindness telling him I would have missed a class I was taking in Everett without his help and that I was so grateful I could now go. He gracefully and cleanly accepted my thanks. The interaction was very validating for both of us in so many ways.

Saturday morning the roads were completely clear, the sun was shining, swans and geese were flying and traffic was minimal. It was an easy trip down to Everett and back. I made it to class easily and joyfully and had a fun, healing day.

My thanks to everyone at CDM for what I learn there. The techniques I learn and practice, including asking for spiritual help, makes the impossible possible. And thanks to my snow angel who saved the day … and to angels everywhere, always.

By Marilyn Shu

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