No FrustrationI created a small miracle for myself today. I overcame my resistance to, frustration over, and anger with my downstairs neighbor. She left on her noisy bathroom ceiling fan again, going on now for well over two hours. I was home seeking peace and quiet and healing from a cold.

Instead of continuing to fume over this issue (which had been addressed with her before), I sat down and put on my meditation CD and proceeded to release my frustration. As I meditated, I saw that my frustration came from early life experiences when I was not heard or listened to, and was stuck in unpleasant, and frightening circumstances. I realized I was not giving myself permission, in present time, to firstly communicate with myself about how upsetting this noise was for me. I was not validating the level of my body’s discomfort nor that I could successfully change the situation.

After meditating, I went downstairs to now communicate with my neighbor. I approached her with neutrality and asked if all was well since the fan had been on so long. She led me to her bathroom and saw that she had, indeed, forgotten to turn it off. She apologized profusely and said yes, I could remind her if she forgot again. We left as friends.

I felt so much better having done something to help myself and, as a healer, to help someone else. You see, it has become harder for her to remember things in the last year. This turn-around experience is important for me. It reminds me I am an adult, I have power, I can communicate. I can do so successfully and with compassion for the other person as well as for myself. Turning within for a spiritual perspective, at a moment of high emotion, saved the day for me.

By Lembi Kongas

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