male and female energiesDo you know what love is? Most people don’t. Love is a vibration. Let’s speak of love like a recipe with “ingredients” or what we use to experience and express what we call love. Since most people do not understand love, we can use words to help us have a greater clarity about this vibration. For our recipe of love we will use enthusiasm, kindness, gratitude, encouragement, joy, affinity and compassion, to begin. We have all experienced these energies so we can understand how they make up love.

Notice that fear is not included in our recipe even though fear is an important survival tool. The reason fear is not added is because humans misuse this powerful emotion so much that it has become the opposite of love. Humans hold on to fear from past experiences and create fears about the future so there is a base of fear in our lives. On this fear base we grow hate, greed, meanness, prejudice and other destructive emotions and behaviors we use in life.
The good news is that all of these fear based feelings and actions can be melted away and replaced with our recipe of love. Meditation is a powerful tool to help make this transition from fear to love. We can gain a spiritual perspective to see and accept ourselves and others and to refocus our attention on the present. We can add creativity to our recipe of love to help us raise our vibration with movement, to help us refocus our creativity on the ingredients of our recipe, i.e. creating with kindness and joy.

A super simple way to know if you are using your recipe for love is if you are experiencing any of the ingredients, enthusiasm, joy, gratitude or any other “feel good” energy. If you do not feel good you are not experiencing the high energy of love. You are the one in charge and can put your attention on an ingredient of love at any time. You can raise your energy in many ways such as with meditation, being grateful, enthusiastic or kind to yourself or someone else.

The word love gets misused and abused a great deal. “I love you” is often a meaningless statement because it is used as a way to manipulate or control someone else. When anyone says they love me I always ask “Do you love yourself?”. If they do not love self, they do not love anyone else since we must begin within. We share what is within us so we need to meditate to help us see what is within us, so we can do our “house cleaning.” We can release fear and its products and increase love and its ingredients when we turn within and learn to love ourselves. Then our recipe of love shines out from us without effort.

Realize that love and sex do not have any correlation. It is delightful to love the one with whom you have sex and vice versa but not necessary. Love is a high spiritual vibration and sex is a high physical vibration, which often get confused because many people have not experienced the high spiritual vibration of love and believe sex is love. So, this recipe of love does not include sex or romance even though love enhances everything in life.

If you want to know more about the vibration of love, learn to know about your chakras. Three helpful chakras to focus on love are: the first chakra – reality, fourth chakra – affinity, and fifth chakra – communication. We are loving when we accept self and others as we are – 1st, have and express our affinity – 4th, and communicate – 5th. Withholding any of these levels can express hate instead of love.
We create where we put our attention so putting our attention on this recipe of love helps us create with love. This recipe is meant to help you create and practice your personal recipe of love. You can meditate on it, practice it and use your recipe to be focused on love. Create love within yourself and it will shine out to the world.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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