grounding is the wayI recently realized that I was a puzzle piece with other people. For example: I have low self-worth and put out the message, “You can put me down”. Then another person “reads that message” and places their puzzle piece, a perfect fit with mine, and puts me down. Luckily, I have learned how to meditate. As I do this, I let go of self-destructive patterns and the other person’s puzzle piece no longer fits.

I grew up with a lot of mean family members. My response was low self-worth. Those puzzle pieces fit together. I didn’t ever realize how mean this group was until my college years. A friend came home with me on a family visit and was shocked by the way people treated one another. For me, it was the norm.

My first boyfriend was also mean. He never hit me, but he constantly put me down, his side of the puzzle piece. I accepted it, believing I wasn’t worth much. Once again, the pieces fit perfectly. So perfectly that I stayed with him for twelve years. My side of the puzzle was just as destructive as his since I was mean to myself and allowed others to treat me badly.

During this time, I started Meditation Classes and bit by bit I shifted my beliefs. Learning how to ground, I started to be stable and certain, not the pushover puzzle piece. I learned how to let go of pain and fear and, of course, this was an ongoing process. I did end that relationship as my puzzle piece had changed shape and no longer fit into his. I had changed. Wow, life is sure full of cool lessons, not all easy.

I meditate daily, continually learning about myself. There’s no puzzle about the fact that grounding works!

By Lucy Walden

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