What peace can be created in the world by every person here creating peace within and taking it back to his or her home? How much can we change the world by changing the way we operate in it? Create change now bywhat peace can be created using a spiritual focus instead of a physical one. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and tune into yourself and your body. Create your grounding connection with the Earth. Let energy flow from your body to the center of the Earth. Feel the connection between you and the planet.

You are spirit and you can see yourself as a bright light. Focus your attention into your head, center of head, above and behind your eyes. You may see the bright light that is you. Do not worry if you do not see your bright light, you may still be above your head. It takes time to learn to consciously move into your body. Be still and experience you, the spirit, being inside or above your head.

You have a great deal of energy, so you need to be grounded to the Earth as you move into your body. Be still with yourself and be aware of your spiritual light. Be aware of what you feel as you move into your body. Use your grounding cord to release anything you wish to let go of from your body. You may need to clear pain, fear or other things that get in the way of your spiritual creativity. If you wish to create a flow of peace within yourself, you need to remove interference to peace within you.

Use your breathing to help you release energy down your grounding connection into the Earth. Focus your spiritual energy into your head where you can be neutral about your Earthly creations. Be still and be at peace with yourself.

Open your eyes and look at the people around you. Can you see them as spirit? Can you let go of your focus on the body and see the spirit? When you see yourself as spirit you can see others as spirit also. You see that everyone is connected spiritually as everyone is part of the Cosmic Consciousness. It is easier to accept others without judgment, when you acknowledge yourself and others as spirit. You find an inner peace when you recognize the spiritual nature of all things.

Since we are united as spirit we make a difference to everyone else. Our thoughts and actions affect everyone. By creating a bridge of love between two women, a bridge of love is created in our shared world. By creating peace within ourselves, we create peace in the world. If we create pain, fear or war, the entire world is affected by that also. We have a choice.

The present moment is the important one. We cannot undo past mistakes or events. We cannot unsay words once they are said. We can heal things in the present by forgiving and letting go. Forgiving is not agreeing with or condoning, but letting go. By releasing the pain of the past, we make room in the present to create a new way of life.

I worked in San Francisco with a wonderful man who was in the Japanese army in World War II. He is a Japanese-American who was studying in Japan when the war started and was eventually recruited into the army. He was a boy of seventeen and was devastated by his war experiences. He wandered in darkness for months after the war. He found his way back to sanity and his home through the help of a minister. He allowed his faith to lead him back to health and his family. His faith included both Buddhism and Christianity. He combined his beliefs to create a strong faith in a Supreme Force that helped him forgive and let go of the pain of his experiences. Today he works with young people, helping them find their way through these difficult modern times. My friend found his way into a meaningful and creative present by letting go of his past. He has not forgotten his experiences. He has forgiven and released.

There are many experiences that each soul has to face, move through, learn from and let go of, in order to move on to a greater spiritual lesson. My late husband was twenty six years older than I am and a veteran of World War II. He was a medic in the Navy and Marines so he was witness to a great deal of pain. He spent many years healing these painful experiences. One of the most powerful healing experiences he had was watching a film of Japanese and American troops having a reunion on one of the islands in the Pacific where they had fought each other. The men from both armies told their stories and the experiences sounded the same even though they were told in different languages. These former enemies cried and laughed together and healed their old wounds through communication and forgiveness. My husband cried as he watched this film and released the past, as he saw himself in these men.

You may have to forgive a hell as great as war or a grievance as small as an insult. Whether the issue is global or personal, forgiveness will help you let it go. This release can free you to create in the present. To create the peace you desire, you must forgive the past and function in the present. To create the future you want, you must let go of the past you do not like.

You can begin now to let go of unwanted issues and increase your productivity in the present. Close your eyes and ground yourself as spirit to your body and your body to the Earth by creating a flow of energy from the energy center near the base of your spine to the center of the Earth. Take a deep breath and relax your body.

Focus your attention as spirit behind your eyes in the center of your head…

Be grounded and in the center of your head and let anything you want to forgive go down your grounding cord. You can repeat this until the thing you want to forgive is gone.

You, the spirit, can ground, center and release anything you want to let go of from your consciousness. Do this again and this time release anything that interferes with having peace within you. Let energy you do not want go down your grounding cord.

Be in the center of your head and be grounded. Let a bright, light, gold energy flow to you and into you through the top of your head. Allow the gold energy to fill our body and flow around you. Let this gold energy fill you with a sense of peace. Be still and enjoy the peace within you. Open your eyes and look around you. Do you see more peace in the faces of others?

Life is a balancing act. We have to acknowledge the disturbances while we focus on peace. We have to be careful not to create a false image of the world, but see that we are working to bring our spiritual perspective back into the world. Things are changing and we need to acknowledge the healing. We also need to accept what is resisting or opposing change and learn to heal that part of our world with patience and a commitment to peace within ourselves.

You can learn to balance your head and your heart or your intellect and your affinity. You can think and see clearly and at the same time you can have affinity for yourself and all others. You do not have to let your affinity block your clarity. You do not have to give up affinity to be clear and intelligent. The next time you have conflict instead of peace in your life, take a few minutes and balance your head and heart so you can be whole. See and understand the situation as it is and be strong and peaceful enough to respond to it with affinity. Your peaceful wholeness provides a strong, healing foundation for everyone in your world.

We need each other. In these times of rapid change and major world disasters such as earthquakes, floods, famine, disease and war, we need inner peace to provide the world with a new goal. Instead of the goal of worldly power, the world needs the goal of spiritual awakening and awareness. With the peace that comes from spiritual awareness we generate peace around us. Whether the disturbance comes from human conflict or Earth changes, we can provide a center of peace within our personal space.

Begin now by grounding yourself from your body to the center of the Earth and focusing in the center of your head. Close your eyes and bring a bright gold energy into and through you and be still with yourself. Expand your awareness to the others in this room and be still with this communication. Bring your attention back to you in the center of your head. Be aware of our planet and be still and communicate with the Earth. Bring your attention back to the center of your head.

Turn your attention to the Supreme Being, your concept of God, and be still with this communication. Your communication with yourself and others as spirit, with the Earth and with God is the greatest creator of inner peace. Take time to create peace within you and peace will come from you.

Open your eyes and return your focus to your physical world.
I welcome your questions.

Speech presented by Mary Ellen Flora for Women’s Federation for World Peace.
International Women’s Friendship Conference for World Peace.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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