Hello. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak of peace, because I believe that everyone can experience peace. I believe that we all have the power and ability to create a state of peace within ourselves. When we create peace within ourselves we generate that state of peace to everyone around us. Our vibration of peace acts like a pebble thrown into still water, causing rings to expand and flow outwardly to the edge of the pool. Peace begins with the individual and expands to the world.peace comes from within

Many of you are probably thinking, “How do I create such peace in my busy life and this world of turmoil?” You may not be finding a way to allow or express peace. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the disturbing emotions of the world around you such as fear, hate and grief. You can move above these emotional states of being to a sense of peace. You do not have to be special or unusual to experience peace within yourself. You simply need to devote time to yourself everyday to meditate on yourself the spirit and your relationship with the Supreme Being.

The level of peace you experience in yourself depends on how much you allow yourself the spirit to flow into your body and into your life. You are spirit and you have a body through which you create on this Earth. You as spirit are the creator of your experience in your body. You can create peace in any situation or under any circumstance. Your state of peace depends on how much you allow yourself, the spirit, to flow into your body and your physical creations.

You have all experienced the times when you were challenged to have a peaceful presence in the face of anger, fear or other disturbances in your life. Remember a time when you stayed peaceful when all those around you were in turmoil. It could have been a time when your co-workers were upset about finishing a project on time. It could have been a time a child was injured or sick and you had to make sure the child was taken care of so you had to be peaceful within yourself to create the needed healing.

These times when you maintained peace within yourself are times that you created as spirit through your body. You maintained seniority with the emotions of your body and the emotions of the people around you. You kept a neutral perspective of the situation to have a clear view of the circumstances and respond in a helpful manner. You may have “fallen apart” after the event and allowed your body to express its emotions, but you maintained your spiritual perspective in the emergency.

When my husband had a heart attack, I was calm and in charge during the emergency. I made sure that everything was taken care of while there was an emergency. After the danger passed, I took time alone to have a good cry to let go of the emotions that I had during the event. Everyone here has experienced something like this so you know what it is like to operate as spirit in a body and also allow the body to express itself.

You can learn to create and have this sense of peace and level of being in charge most of the time. You are spirit and your body is your vehicle for creation and communication in this world. You create peace within yourself by awakening to your spiritual nature and allowing yourself the spirit to create your life. Often the body is the main voice in the creation of life and your emotions or other people’s demands become more important than the peace you desire.

You can experience yourself the spirit at any time and place. You do not need a special place or time. You can experience your spiritual self now. Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths to relax your body. Think of turning within yourself and letting go of the world around you. Listen to your breathing and your heart beat to help you focus on your body and to let go of those around you.

You have spiritual centers throughout your body that you can use to help you create a state of peace. The spiritual center located near the base of your spine contains your information about how you the spirit want to create in the physical world. Create a flow of energy from this center near the base of your spine to the center of the Earth. Just as you are creating a bridge of peace between you and your new friends, create a bridge between you and the Earth.

Take a few deep breaths to help this flow of energy move from your body to the Earth. You, the spirit, are connecting yourself to your body and to our shared body of Earth. Notice how your body feels. Do you feel more peaceful? Do you feel more centered in yourself? This connection with Earth or spiritual grounding acts as a foundation for your spiritual creativity. With this grounding cord, you can create a state of peace and stability in your personal world.

Open your eyes. You can keep your grounding connection with the Earth at all times. It can help you maintain a sense of peacefulness by allowing you to be in charge as spirit. You can be above your emotions and in control of them. It helps you be aware that you are not your body, that you are spirit.

Looking at the group today, I see that we have many more similarities than we do differences. We are all part of the human family. We all have parents; most have children, spouses, brothers and sisters. We have created many similarities in our life creations. We have homes, jobs, volunteer work, religious work and many other similar responsibilities. We all want to create the peace that allows for a quality of life.

We all come from one Source and share a Supreme Being. We all live on planet Earth and share our physical world. We are learning what a small planet Earth is as we discover how everything affects everything else. A volcano exploding in the USA affects the weather patterns around the world. An earthquake in Japan causes tidal waves in other parts of the world. A war in one nation can cause famine in another nation.

We are connected both physically and spiritually. Whether the planet is affecting us or we are affecting each other, every action causes a reaction. We affect our family, our workplace, our community, our nation and our world by our choices, our beliefs and our behavior. We can create disturbance or peace and spread either one around us. We can yell or we can speak quietly. We can change the mood of a group with a frown, a laugh or a smile.

We are a large family. We are the human family of planet Earth. In fact, recent archeological discoveries show that all humans share a matching DNA. This means that we originate from one mother and are all literally brothers and sisters. We are also one in spirit. We affect one another globally as much as we affect each other in our family and community. A mother’s mood affects the father and children just as the mood of one nation affects the experience of other nations. We can learn to create peace within ourselves and allow it to expand to our family, community and nation by maintaining it within ourselves.

This speech was presented by Mary Ellen Flora for the Women’s Federation for World Peace at the International Women’s Friendship Conference for World Peace.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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