Patience is Power Humans are generally impatient. We are in a hurry to cross the street, eat lunch, grow up, get somewhere. We seldom take time to enjoy where we are and what exists in that moment.

  While visiting a park near my home I realized my attention was out in front of me on the water I was approaching. I brought my attention back to where my body was and became aware of beautiful foliage and an amazing tiny bird. The surrounding beauty made me pause and enjoy the moment instead of rushing to the beach ahead. Patience provides us with wonderful experiences.

 Impatience causes stress, invalidation, worry and even fear. Ever been inpatient to begin a performance and felt nervous? Are you impatient to finish training, begin a job, get married, find happiness? This impatience causes unnecessary disturbances in your life.

 All of your life adventures are there for you, when you are ready for them. Yes, you must prepare yourself for the life you want. Being patient lets you focus on what you are doing in the moment so you can enjoy, learn from and master the moment. Being impatient for the next step causes you to miss this step. If you miss enough steps you need to relearn steps instead of moving forward with your new adventures.

 Patience is the ability to manipulate time and space. We can take control of our human creativity with patience. When we focus on our body, in the present, we are able to focus on what is occurring and enjoy it. Patience helps us heal because we focus in the present on our physical body which operates in time and space. Patience provides the power to heal because bodies require time.

 When I was a child I was focused in the present and enjoyed my life. When I turned twelve I believed it was time for me to enter adult society and begin my spiritual path. The adults in my life did not understand my desires, so I became impatient and angry. My mother helped me through my impatience by telling me that at that time in my life school was my “job”. I turned my attention to the present learning opportunities and created many wonderful experiences, including a four-month trip to Europe and a Word Youth Conference.

 Patience has been a challenge to me at certain times in my life, but when I practice patience with any new aspect of my life I accomplish my goal. Patience gives you the time and space to create what you need and even what you want. Meditation helps you develop patience by bringing spirit and body together. Spirit creates instantly but bodies require time and space. Thus, patience is the power of spirit to consciously create through the body. The old saying “All things come to those with patience” is true.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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