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I find I must continually choose to use my Spiritual Meditation Techniques in order to be in the present. Checking my grounding as I get up in the morning and checking it again as I go to bed. It is part of my clothing I need each day. My spiritual community assists me in this ongoing process. I am finding I need to be present to make clear choices. I am unable to make choices effectively when in the past or future. Only in present time can I participate in choices and be neutral.

My Path - CDM Spiritual Center

I am a gardener when time allows. I have noticed that in the garden the plants I give attention to grow and flourish. Other plants without the same attention don’t do as well. As with life, attention given to worries and fears increases their influence in my life. Often it is unfinished business, old ideas and sometimes past hurts that cause this fog. These things feel like sticky blocks that keep me out of present time. Additionally there are many games such as judging and competition that feel like bumper cars banging into me during my day. I use my meditation techniques to weed these things out of my life. Like work in a garden, weeds are a constant. It is similar for daily life, letting go of fears and worries is an ongoing process. I can do it in daily meditation. The great thing about meditation is I do not have to go into the garden to get the work done. No dirty pants, no pollen on my skin, no dirt under my finger nails. I just need to turn within and take the time to focus on letting go of the things that keep me out of present time. Then there is space for the here and now.

It is when I focus on meditation and connecting to present time that clearness and certainty arrive. Meditation actively moves me within, a place where I can recognize what I can change as well as what I cannot change. When I am in fear or unsure I ask myself – Where is your attention? Is it in the past, future or present time? After I rejoin present time, I know choice making is on! I can look within and preform as needed in the here and now –present time. Neutrality arrives and the fog clears.

I use grounding and centering to survive the day. It transitions a survival day to an enjoyable day. Centering and present time are reminders to trust in God. I like feeling peaceful and at ease the best, though amusement also is a good time. Finding amusement is a work in progress. It seems there is more to my path and fortunately I have the spiritual techniques to keep and use each minute.

Submitted by Carol Nelson

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