Humans Are the MinorityYes, we humans are a very small percentage of life on planet Earth. Why are we arguing about our differences when we need each other so much? Do we have to become totally desperate to help one another?

Humans, like all living things, are evolving. We have clearly grown to a space of imbalance. We don’t focus on feeding and clothing humanity, but we do have the ability to kill everyone on Earth. We have developed physical power but not common sense.

We appear to worship fear and the perpetrators of fear which is the road to destruction. Fear creates hate, greed, competition, power games and other disturbing emotions and actions. Fear is weak and causes disturbance through poor choices. Fear freezes action and misdirects action.

We are an intelligent, capable species but are fighting to hold on to our past developmental stages instead of growing with the possibilities being offered now. We are fighting to keep things as they are or were instead of growing with what is occurring now. What if all of the resources used to block immigration around the world were used to finance a beneficial transition of peoples? What if the food production giants began to nurture the Earth instead of rape it. There are so many what ifs … there are also answers to every question and humans have those answers.

So, it is time to be in the present and let go of the past. It is a time of unity or bringing together. We are human beings and related through our DNA. We are all spirit and One in the Cosmic Consciousness or God. We are definitely blessed with the young people around the world who are standing up and fighting for our species and our planet. The children of parents from different racial, religious and other groups are blessed because they are the human species of the present and future. What differences can people fight about when we are intermarried? Never mind, I am sure we will come up with some disagreement! I do know an extended family who is Christian and Muslim who live together with love and as much peace as any young family can create.

Even though we humans are a minority in relation to other life forms on Earth, we have a great impact on our planet. Do we want to take care of ourselves and our planet or do we want to destroy what we have created? We are a minority that is in charge. We need to stop conflicting and start communicating about how to solve the problems we have created.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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