grounding rocksThis was the coolest experience using grounding.

I was in Maui learning how to scuba dive. We stared out practicing in a swimming pool. When we got into the ocean, it was extremely windy. The water was turbulent like a strong wind under the water. I was frightened and so thrilled to be scuba diving! The instructor told us that the more you relax, the more you will sink down and that was the goal.

I took deep breaths, grounded and started to go down. Several people in the group panicked and popped back up to the surface, overwhelmed with fear. I continued to ground and noticed that as I focused on my grounding, those nearby started to relax as well.

The turbulence continued creating wild underwater waves, so I took more deep breaths, increased my grounding and relaxed with the weight of the scuba gear. Although I was still scared, adrenaline pumping, I was determined. So, I used my grounding to release the fear again and again. I looked down and saw a huge rock on the ocean floor and made that my goal. Once I got to the rock, I held on tight continuing to ground.

Colorful fish swam by delighting me, a show of beauty in wild waters that earlier seemed like chaos. It was peaceful down there, just me and my rock. I was happy. I guess my lesson was … grounding rocks!

By Louise Taschereau

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