ground and let goGrounding creates stability and security in this busy, fast-moving world. It is a spiritual technique that allows balance and helps the body feel safe. In my opinion, grounding is a miracle tool that not only helps the ‘user’ but also affects everyone in the vicinity.

I learned to ground many years ago but was recently reminded of its far-reaching benefits. I was overseeing a Red Cross shelter where several hundred people were living due to an apartment fire. Dozens of families had lost everything and had no idea how they were going to piece their lives back together. The Red Cross was there to walk beside them on their road to recovery and provide for their immediate needs.

This particular day, I was supporting a team of Red Cross volunteers who were interviewing the families, assessing their needs and providing assistance. After several hours, I became terrified. I was actually shaking with fear for no apparent reason. After assessing my surroundings and determining there was no danger present, I realized that I was picking up on the fear of everyone in the shelter. These people had lost everything and were scared to death. The fear was palpable and I was definitely experiencing it.

I took a deep breath, grounded my energy, and began to release the fear from my system. Relief. Within seconds, I felt better. As I looked around the room, I caught the eye of a six-year-old boy who was staring at me. I smiled and he said, “I like it when you’re more solid like that.” Surprised, I replied, “I like it when I’m more solid like that too.” He then walked around the table and asked to sit on my lap. He stayed close to me for the rest of the day.

Grounding, for mere seconds, helped me let go of fear from my reality and made an impact on my environment. Juan, the six-year-old, saw the calming effect and came over to ‘get some’. I was experiencing the ever famous, “I want what she’s having” line. Grounded and releasing fear, I was definitely more capable of helping the group, doing my job, and responding to the present moment.

The power of grounding is immeasurable. It helps you to be yourself, create what you want, and let go of things you don’t want … like fear. In this case, it provided the calm within the storm.

In this world filled with fear, what would happen if we all learned to ground? Everyone has an impact, every second of every day. Ground, let go, and gain greater control of the impact you’re making — on yourself and on the world around you.

Stacy Rice

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