GoalsMany people create goals for themselves. It is always a good idea to turn within to meditate, so you can evaluate your goals in the present.

First, in your meditation, know that you are spirit, a spark of the Divine Force. Awaken to the realization that you are not your body or your physical creations, including your goals. Know that you are spirit and your body is your vessel to create and communicate through in this physical world.

Next, with the inner reflection of meditation, become aware of what you, the spirit, are here on Earth to accomplish. Everyone has a specific spiritual purpose. To accomplish a great deal in any lifetime you do not need to create a big splash. Your life may include difficulties as well as joy to fulfill your spiritual purpose. Remember, you are here to both teach and learn. Your purpose may be to focus within and learn to know how you affect your world, or to raise a family, or to bring safety, healing, joy, challenges, etcetera, to self and others. You may be here to nurture our planet. Your purpose may be to let go of your fear and learn about love or to complete some spiritual cycle. There are as many reasons for creating on Earth as there are people.

We need to meditate on our goals throughout our life. Our goals can change as we grow through life experience. A young couple may create the goal of having a remote retreat for retirement but realize that in later life they require an environment including more community support. Meditation can help to reevaluate long-held goals and to see how to reshape those goals into present time realities. We want to create goals that support our spiritual life purpose and meditation helps us accomplish this.

To accomplish your life goals, you must learn to properly use and respect your body and its needs while fulfilling your spiritual purpose. You must keep your body balanced in order to provide a space to fulfill your purpose. As the airlines say, “Put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others.” Knowing yourself includes knowing and respecting your body and physical needs.

If necessary, change your goals to fulfill your spiritual purpose. Inner reflection through meditation takes you into a new land of self-knowledge. You may see new, spiritual goals that go beyond the strictly physical level. Remember, you are spirit with a purpose and a body to use to fulfill your purpose.
Use your meditations to guide you and have fun creating.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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