grounding is the wayHave you ever wanted to run screaming from your house or work? Have you been at a loss for how to cope with your situation? Then you need to know how to ground and turn within to yourself, the spirit.

Everyone experiences disturbing situations during life. The trick is to learn how to deal with these difficult challenges. Many health professionals, counselors and various healers recommend meditation to help. Unfortunately, many of these professionals don’t know how to meditate. Some of the practices advertised as meditation are too simplistic or are too complicated for many people to benefit from using them.

Meditation is actually easy, and unlike popular beliefs, meditation is spiritual. It affects your body, but it is a spiritual practice. This means you need to recognize that you are spirit, your body is your vessel, and you can learn how to bring spirit and body together. This balance of our spirit/body duality allows us to take charge of our bodies and get above the intense emotional and intellectual messages from the body.

When you experience intense fear and want to run, you can ground and regain emotional control. Another step to take to get above the body’s emotions is to focus your attention into the center of your head. This technique puts you in a neutral space where you can see clearly and make valid choices. There are sometimes when you need to run but most often your grounding and centering will help you see your situation in a new light.

Some of our disturbing experiences are caused by present time circumstances. Others are caused by memories of past experiences and it is important to know the difference so we respond appropriately. Grounding and centering can help us identify the difference so we can relate to all circumstances in the present moment perspective.

It is possible for us to have a past experience stimulated by a word, a sight, a smell or any number of physical stimuli. When this happens, we often respond emotionally to the past experience instead of the present circumstance. This is confusing to everyone involved. By using grounding and centering, we can rise above the emotional disturbance of either past or present challenges.

To get above disturbances, whether past or present, learn to meditate and add grounding and centering to your meditation practice.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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