following your passionAre you following your passion? Are you spending at least some part of your time doing what you love to do, something that makes you feel a sense of satisfaction, something that you enjoy doing, maybe more than one thing? Have you ever been involved in some activity and found that when you were finished and looked at the clock, you were surprised at how much time had gone by? And, I’m not talking about a chore that you have done and finished and thought, “My goodness that took a long time!” I’m talking about that time when you were totally immersed in what you were doing, when you weren’t thinking about anything else – no problems, no distractions, just the activity. Maybe it was a physical thing like cooking, and before you knew it, you had used every appliance in the kitchen to come up with a delicious dinner for your family. Or maybe it was a spiritual thing like sitting down to meditate, and when you opened your eyes you found that a whole hour had gone by.

Everyone has something that he or she feels passionate about. Maybe it is art, music, science, nature, working with children, teaching, or counseling. Some are passionate about a particular sport and spend a great deal of time working to improve their skills. Some are passionate about building something new that improves our daily lives, a new toy or a new technology.

We can tell when people are passionate about something. They communicate differently about it. They may talk faster or louder, they like to talk about it. Their energy changes. They become brighter and they may have a twinkle in their eye.

Have you discovered what brings you joy? Maybe you found your passion, at one point, and then got discouraged, for some reason, and put it away. Maybe you thought you ought to have instant success at whatever it was; we live in a society that expects instant gratification. Did you quit before you could develop your passion into something that is satisfying for you? Maybe you have been told what should be exciting for you and have spent your time pursuing what someone else wants for you. Each of us has been given talents to explore and develop that will bring us joy. You too can have that twinkle in your eye.

What does it take to follow your passion? It takes faith – faith in yourself, faith in your abilities and faith in God. You already have the talent. We have all heard about someone who has made a major change. Perhaps someone who has left a career that she spent many years training for to take up something totally different that brings her joy. Such a person has made a leap of faith.

What is faith? Faith is believing something is possible before you physically see that it is possible.

You can use the meditation techniques to discover what your passion is and to create time for these things in your life, to allow yourself that which brings you joy. You can use grounding to release anything that interferes with you knowing what your passion is. You can communicate with God through meditation each day to receive guidance and assistance in following your passion and in increasing your faith.

We are all meant to follow our own individual passion – we are all meant to have joy and satisfaction in our lives. Each of us is unique. Each one of us will have something different that excites us, but all these things complement each other and are all equally important. Where would we be without the people who are passionate about farming and truck driving?

Each of us can make an impact on the world by following our individual passion. When we are happy, that happiness flows out from us and affects everyone and everything around us. Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if every one of us was following our own passion? It’s possible, and meditation can help us create our joy.

By Linda Roberson

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