Follow Your PathYou are spirit and you have a spiritual path. Everyone has a path and can discover and follow it by turning within to themselves as spirit. We are blessed with the spiritual techniques to help us meditate and communicate as spirit. Even with the techniques, following your path often seems difficult and full of challenges – but it has rewards beyond belief.

I am always inspired by people who follow their path. When I think of examples of people who followed their path my first thought is of Jesus who followed the Christ path. What a wonderful soul and an inspiration to everyone. Other examples of people following their path are Buddha, Mohammad, Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela.

There are many great souls who have inspired us by following their path. From the examples I chose, we see that some results of following your path may be: it can make you famous or infamous; it can make you unpopular to the point of being killed or popular to the point of being worshiped. It can get you arrested, ridiculed, ostracized from society or adored, rewarded, admired and honored. It can provide life experience on either end of the dichotomy for you and even both extremes at once. You may be ridiculed and honored. The trick is to stay on your path in spite of any pull away from your path from fear, ego and temptation. It is easy to see why many people are hesitant to follow their path or even to see what their path is. You must be brave to follow your path because the world around you will react to your action and attempt to influence you.

A true spiritual path is steep and rocky like a mountain trail. The higher you climb the more precarious the path becomes. The reward of a beautiful view is there after the difficult climb just as the spiritual reward is there after following your spiritual path. But the challenge of the climb is necessary for the reward of the view. The higher you climb the better the view.

The rewards are often beyond our human comprehension. All of the great souls I mentioned had the satisfaction of serving both humanity and God. They gave of themselves and followed their path with passion. Their main reward was the joy of following their chosen path and communicating with their God to do so.

We can learn a great deal from these teachers about following our path. They taught us to validate ourselves as spirit, to be focused, to be true to ourselves and our God. Their actions and teachings often went against the societal beliefs and existing religious teachings. Jesus taught “love your enemy” which was a new concept in those days of might makes right. Gandhi taught non-violence which was not practiced by the world. Martin Luther King preached unity and brotherly love in a time of prejudice and hatred. Florence Nightingale went against her family and society to serve in her unique way.

What do you disturb by following your path? A spiritual path disturbs the physical world. Does your path disturb your family, government, religious training, or friends? Are you strong enough to continue on your path when you must leave loved ones behind? Can you stay on your path in spite of the praise and expectations of others? Are you brave enough to begin your path, to continue it and complete your spiritual path this lifetime? We all have the opportunity, we only need the commitment.

I am always amazed by people who talk with God, are told their path and then refuse to follow it. Some of them come to me for confirmation of God’s message and then continue to refuse their path even with a second opinion. You can use your techniques to rise above your body’s fears and other people’s ideas to follow your spiritual path.

Begin or continue your journey by turning within to yourself, the spirit, and to your God. You will discover your path within you, you will discover the strength to continue your path as it unfolds before you. No one sees all of his path at the beginning, any more than you could see the entire mountain trail from the start. The path unfolds as you develop and mature to take the next step. Your spiritual path is ideally an exciting adventure that you follow with joy.

My spiritual path has never been dull or boring. It has not been perfect either. My path has often been a challenge and has required focus, commitment and constant communication with God. I often ask, “Do you really mean that God?” Fortunately, my path has included much joy and amusement. We can all use the spiritual techniques to discover, get on and stay on our path.

You are spirit. You are a part of the Divine. You do have a unique spiritual path this lifetime. Turn within to learn to know yourself and your path will open before you. Following it will bring you to where you seek to be.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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