Change is happening rapidly. By using my spiritual techniques, I am able to move more quickly through some changes in my life that I might have bumbled along on earlier. A few weeks ago, I needed to get my car through the state emissions testing to get new car tabs. The last few days before the tabs expired, my car died and re-started at each intersection, despite an expensive tune-up the week before.

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I used my knowingness and grounding, my desire to get through emissions and my belief that I could create what I wanted.

My knowingness told me the carburetor needed a minor adjustment, but the garage didn’t work on carburetors. Then I went to an emissions repair place where they asked for $115 just to run some tests, so I said no. I had spent enough on fancy work that wasn’t helping.

Meanwhile, a little voice in me kept saying, “Just go to a little old neighborhood garage.” I finally listened. In one second, the garage owner adjusted the car’s timing manually. No fancy machines. But even he believed I would not pass the state auto emissions test.

I kept using my techniques, but once in line at the State Emissions Testing Station, my intellect began to doubt. Maybe everyone was right. The car was just too old to be able to pull off passing emissions. After all, the car was 24 years old.

Then, the tester handed me the emissions report. I PASSED! I was elated! Miracles do happen! I desired, I believed, I used my grounding, I used my knowingness. I persisted!

I promptly drove to the Toyota used car dealership since I was on a roll. I had called the salesman the day before describing what I wanted and what I could afford. As soon as I arrived there, he told me he had just the car for me. And he was right; I got a spiffy car, clean and roadworthy. And red.

All in a day’s work, using the spiritual techniques. Beep Beep!

Submitted by Lembi Kongas

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