New Beginning with MeditationEvery day is a new beginning. Sunrise is a wonderful time to experience the new beginning of each day. The sunrise says wake up, the world is awakening from slumber and a new day is beginning full of possibilities.

The quiet of early morning is an especially peaceful time to meditate, before the world attracts your attention.

Meditation gives you the experience of awakening and rebirth and our beautiful planet provides the stage on which to play.

Actually, meditation provides this awareness of new beginnings any time of day or night. Begin your day with meditation or take a meditation break anytime during your day. Ending your busy day with meditation helps you complete your adventures of the day and prepare for rest. If you wake up in the middle of the night feeling afraid or disturbed, meditating can give you a new beginning by helping you to re-center and focus on the present without fear. You can then return to sleep in peace after meditation.

Modern life is busy and full of activities and responsibilities. We are active most of the time, so we need a quiet time to reset our internal clocks. Meditation gives us time to reflect on ourselves instead of on everything else. We need our meditation time more now than ever because of the constant influx of information.

When you pause for your meditation, you open to your spiritual self and rest your physical system. By balancing your spirit-body duality with meditation, you begin a new cycle of creativity. Simply being aware that you are spirit and your body is your vessel is a new beginning.

When you meditate, you can create a new beginning at any time or place. New beginnings are usually fun so you create an energy of joy and creativity by meditating. If life is not what you want it to be—meditate and create a new beginning.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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