Common sense is actually the ability to have a neutral perspective. Our focus on a simple, clear view of any aspect of life depends on our ability to rise above physical limits and distractions. Often our emotions and even our intellect can complicate our perspective of any issue and move us out of neutral.

Center of the Head

Center of the Head

Spirit is simple and the body is complex. The body communicates with emotions and the intellect which can both lead us away from the simple view of common sense. The answer to any question of yours can be found within yourself when you meditate. You can move into the center of your head, above your body’s emotions and intellectual pull to find your spiritual answers. Common sense is spiritual and simple while figuring things out is complex and a physical way to function.

Often people get overwhelmed by the body’s emotions and intellect and get led away from their truth. Most anything can be “proven” by statistics, Bible quotes, research and other often used ways to convince people of something. Taking information out of context or presenting it with strong emotions can lead people away from their truth. People are easy to influence especially when the influencer uses fear or other heavy emotions to gain believers. When fear is used to program people, their common sense or neutrality is lost to fear as a basis for making a decision. This is true for any circumstance.
We need our common sense as individuals so we can be safe and can also make our society safe. We need to be neutral and clear instead of lost in fear and confusion, whether we are making major or minor decisions and choices. If we allow ourselves to ground and center in our meditations and life we can view issues from neutral. This keeps us from being controlled by someone who knows how to manipulate bodies, such as with fear, intellectual complications or lies.

You need common sense whether you are buying a used car or getting married. No matter what you are making a decision about you need to evaluate it from neutral rather than from you emotions. Also, if you are trying to figure something out, you are already confused and will benefit from pausing and refocusing in the center of your head where you are neutral. You can learn to see and know what is true for you instead of allowing your body or someone else to create for you.

If your common sense or inner knowing tells you one thing and an “authority” on the subject tells you something else, it is time to meditate. You can turn within with meditation and find your truth. There is often more than one answer or view of things. Your neutral perspective from the center of your head puts you in touch with your truth and common sense. You can see clearly whether you or the authority are correct. Common sense is more of a challenge to have in modern times because of the overwhelming amount of electronic communication. We can retain common sense by meditating and taking the time to be still and know ourselves in the midst of the barrage of information.

Common sense is not lost, simply in need of our attention.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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