Healing Classes

“You have the healing power to change anything in your life. The way to get in touch with this healing energy is to turn within and open yourself to the healing flow. You only need to desire it and believe in it.” – Healing: Key to Spiritual Balance

Healing I Class

CDM Healing I Class

A CDM Healing

Heal Yourself and Heal the World!

Everyone has the ability to heal. Rediscover your power to create change by activating your healing energy. Join other healers to practice spiritual healing techniques to  stimulate your healing energy and focus.

Class Description

Healing Class meets once a week for four weeks and focuses on the fundamentals of spiritual healing. You learn techniques to help you heal yourself and assist others to heal. These techniques include working with healing energy and cleansing auras and chakras. You also learn to work with Healing Guides to assist you. This class helps you enhance your spiritual abilities and share your healing energy with others.
** Prerequisite: Meditation I Class

Healing I Class Schedule

Four-Week Series
Sundays, 12:30pm – 3:30pm  $200 Donation

April 19, 2020 Sunday, 12:30pm – 3:30pm Register Online

“As you heal yourself, you become a healing force in the lives of everyone you know. Since you are one with all things, you actually do unto yourself whatever you do unto others and vice versa. Be kind to everyone, including yourself, and you are healing the world.”   – Mary Ellen Flora

Healing II Class

Heal Yourself and Assist Others to Heal

Everyone has the ability to heal. You are the creator of your life. Validate your spiritual healing energies by tuning in to your own unique vibration. Heal yourself, assist others to heal, and learn to acknowledge yourself as the spiritual healer that you are!

Class Description

Healing II Class meets once a week for four weeks and builds on the foundation of Healing I. Learn techniques to identify and clear energy blocks, protect yourself as a healer, and enhance your own healing energies. Other topics include: how to avoid over-healing, identifying different layers of the aura while healing, competition and healing, and more!

**Prerequisite: Meditation I Class, and Healing I Class

Healing II Class Schedule

Four-Week Series
Saturdays, 12:30pm – 3:30pm
$200 Donation

May 23, 2020 Saturday, 12:30pm – 3:30pm Register Online

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Reach your goals by turning within to access your personal healing power. Heal yourself and watch the changes happen!
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“Healing I Class taught me how to manage my energy system. Unbelievably, after 4 weeks of class I felt radiant. I was able to stop coping and start managing my stress. I have totally given up coffee and now only occasionally drink a beer after a hot summer’s day. What a relief to be able to stop worrying about what the coping was doing to my health. I am also able to take the techniques I learned with me after the completion of the Healing I Class and utilize it for daily stress management. If I find I need a tune-up, CDM welcomes me with open arms.”