clairvoyance classesClairvoyance means clear seeing. Who doesn’t want to see life more clearly? Those who want to see only what they wish to see instead of what actually is do not need to read further. If you seek a clear view of the continuing unfolding of your life in all its color and variety, read on.

Most people are closed inside their self-made prison of beliefs and do not use their spiritual sight to see what is true and what is false. The world is full of people who are afraid because of their limited physical view. What beliefs make you afraid? That you can’t do, can’t have, can’t see, can’t learn, can’t create? Notice the repetition of the word can’t and wake up to the realization that with your clear sight you can see that you can. You can see clearly to move through the maze of the physical world by using your clairvoyance to see what is.

For example, I have a friend who is focused on his past and his abusive childhood. He keeps “running the same movies” of his painful past experiences instead of using his clairvoyance to see his present circumstances. In the present, he has created all of his dreams but will not allow himself to completely have this wonderful reality because he is in the prison of his painful past. What prison are you in? Your past, beliefs which limit your creativity, blaming others, heavy emotions such as fear or hate, ideas of perfection or endless other options for a self-made prison?

Clairvoyance can free you from your prison of destructive images by letting you see what is in the present. My friend could use his clear sight to see that he has his dreams of a devoted wife, a beautiful house, friends and more. By focusing in the present moment and seeing what is now, you free yourself, you wake up from your bad dream or see a path out of it.

Clairvoyance provides a clear view, non-judgment, space to create, forgiveness and all of the ingredients of freedom. You can free yourself by simply focusing your attention in the center of your head. This focal point stimulates your clairvoyance and allows you to develop your clear view of life.

Turn on your clairvoyance and free yourself.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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