Some of you may say you are not creating anything important, but that is not true. You are creating every second of your life. You are creating by your choices and you are constantly making choices. If you believe that only “important” choices make a difference, look again. Every choice you make is important since it takes you away from or toward yourself, the spirit. You can choose to create a spiritual perspective of life or not. Your use of your chakras is an important aspect of making your choices.

A friend and I were outside watching our group of children return from the park when she decided to go inside and return to work. Her daughter was one of the happy children and so I asked her what it would cost her to wait and greet her daughter. She paused and changed her choice to create a loving moment with her daughter. A big hug and laugh changed the day for both of them.

You are choosing to be physically focused or spiritually focused, i.e. “I have to do my work now or I can pause to show my affection for someone”. These seemingly small choices add up to creating a way of life. Whenever you choose kindness, compassion, neutrality, joy, or any other beneficial creation you are choosing the spiritual view. When you create destructive behavior such as fear, hate, meanness, or even denial, or turning away from the beneficial energies, you are limiting yourself to the physical level of consciousness.

Meditation is a powerful path to becoming conscious of your choices, so you can take charge of your life. You choose to create from the upper chakras or the lower chakras. In some religions the upper chakras are called heaven and the lower chakras called hell. The upper chakras relate to spiritual information such as affinity, communication, neutrality and your ability to spiritually know. The lower chakras relate to how to relate to the physical world including physical survival, emotions and distribution of energy. When you choose to create from the spiritual view in the upper chakras, you are also choosing to create spiritually in your physical world and the lower chakras. If you choose to focus on the lower chakras, you are limited to the physical perspective which includes sexuality, emotions, survival issues, competition, greed and other worldly challenges. Without the spiritual view your choices are narrow and your creativity limited to a physical perspective.

What are you creating? Where are you, the spirit, focused? Are you in heaven or hell? In your meditations focus your attention in your upper chakras and you can have fun creating with all of your chakras. You can change anything when you have your neutral view from your 6th chakra, so you are in charge of your creativity.

Open to your spiritual perspective and be conscious of what you are creating so you can create what you want!

By Mary Ellen Flora

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