Planet Earth is our larger body shared by all living things. Earth is our home, our creative space, our school for learning and growing. Earth is a living, growing, changing body.
It is important for humans to mature enough to see that we are responsible for the care and well being of our individual bodies and our shared body Earth. Common sense will lead us to beneficial practices both individually and collectively. The desire to create a healthy environment both personally and globally will begin and continue the process.
Working collectively is essential now that we have such a large world population. We need to wake up to the fact that most of the world population is in need of basic necessities and our planet supplies those needs if we care for Earth. We need to rise above destruction and move forward with creativity to accomplish a healthy environment.
The most destructive energy on Earth is the emotion fear. From fear all destructive emotions and actions grow. For example, greed has disrupted the food industry so much it is making people sick. Greed is playing games with resources such as water, oil, coal and much more. Hate is creating war and division of our collective powers and a great deal of pain and destruction.
How can you make a difference? Meditate to know yourself and your ability to rise above fear to diminish greed and hate in yourself. Remember, fear is only needed in the present moment for immediate survival situations. Meditation can help you release the past or future fears which disrupt your present experience. Then continue with your inward focus to learn what you can do to care for your body and your planet. Exercise, eat healthy, plant a tree, recycle, lobby for clean food, air, water, or give to charities who provide needs for others, or a thousand other things large and small.
Whatever we do it will be a challenge until we wake up to the reality that planet Earth is our larger shared body. We need to care for Earth and in turn will be provided all of our needs and even some of our wants by our planet.
Celebrate Earth Day by meditating on your relationship with our Earth body. Gain new insight into how you create here on Earth … with fear or love?

By Mary Ellen Flora

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