A psychic reading or spiritual reading is just what it says: the reading of a soul who is creating in a body.

Each of us is a soul personality and we each create our spiritual and physical reality. We then store our experiences in various forms of energy such as pictures, symbols, and vibrations translated to color all of which can be seen by a “reader”. A psychic (soul) reader perceives these energy forms we have kept of our experiences with his/her clairvoyance and other spiritual abilities. Some psychic readers use cards, a crystal ball, tea leaves or other props, but are all gaining their information from their clairvoyant abilities.

Psychic Reading booklet

Clairvoyance is simply clear spiritual sight. It is much like reading a book. Each of us is a spiritual “book” of lessons learned and experiences created. Most psychic readers have learned to read the spiritual language and translate it to understandable terms.

“A clairvoyant reading can be a wonderful, exciting experience because the reader sees you and validates who you are and what you have created. There is the experience of being known intimately by a person you may never have met before. Often people make the comment about how much a reader sees about them without knowing them. This ability to read our aura, pictures and other identifying spiritual symbology truly validates our spiritual nature. A reading allows communication on a spiritual level, which is a new and exciting experience for many people.”
Flora, Mary Ellen. Clairvoyance: Key to Spiritual Perspective

Many people have turned down their spiritual abilities including their clairvoyance so they only see on the physical plane. For example, looking at a man on the physical plane only, one may see that he is angry; while from a spiritual perspective he could be seen as a soul trying to solve someone else’s problems and being frustrated. The spiritual perspective provided by a psychic reading can free us from body limitations such as judgment, overwhelming emotions and lies.

When you allow a psychic reader to open both him/herself and you to the spiritual realm, you get back in touch with the fact that you are spirit and part of God. You can then manage your life and lessons from this spiritual perspective instead of from one of survival or emotional trauma.

Anyone can benefit from a psychic reading. It can provide clarity, neutrality, and even amusement about our creations in this life. The main benefit of a reading is the validation or acknowledgement of self as spirit and that all things are seen and known. Each of us hungers for this validation of being a part of all that is, and a psychic reading assists us to remember this as we communicate spiritually with others.

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