bodies are emotionalYou are spirit and you do not have emotions. Your body is your vessel and it has emotions to communicate. Bodies are wonderful vessels, full of sensations and experiences and are great communicators. The human body offers a wealth of opportunity for both spiritual learning and teaching. The main avenue of communication from body to spirit is emotions. Since spirit does not have emotions, spirit must remember how to translate the emotions it’s body sends. When the body sends an emotion, spirit may translate it to a message about fear. If spirit ignores the message, the body does not receive the information and help it needs, which may be to run!
People are often taught ethics about emotions, which disrupt the spirit/body communication. If any emotion is denied, then the body cannot communicate with spirit on that wavelength and the body will become isolated and afraid. Many people believe they need to be “good” and become perfect in order to eliminate the emotions they have been taught to judge such as fear, hate or grief. Actually, the body needs all of its emotions to fully communicate with spirit.
A woman came to me for help because she was crying a great deal. Her counselor told her to take medication to help her stop crying but she did not want to take drugs. She learned to meditate and do spiritual self-healing and, in the process, became aware of being sexually abused as a child. She was actually relieved by this realization because it explained her grief and crying. She continued healing herself and made a great deal of change in herself and her life. Her healing process led her to a new home and a career helping abused women. She listened to her body’s grief and discovered herself and her calling.
Fortunately, spirit does not have judgment about emotions. Human rules teach people to judge emotions: i.e. anger is bad, kindness is good, hate is bad, compassion is good, and so forth. We are also taught too much of any emotion, even joy, is bad. Emotions have a “bad” reputation, so we tend to deny them and therefore ignore the body. Most people are trained to share their emotions with others instead of with themselves. This can be disruptive, confusing, and a waste of energy. When you are angry, notice if it is your body being angry with you, the spirit, for not paying attention to it. Instead of blaming others about your emotions, look within and listen to what your body is telling you.
You are spirit and need to learn how your body operates and how to communicate with it. Slow down and give attention to your body’s emotions and you will understand what is occurring with your body and life and how to comprehend and respond to the body’s message. You will eventually learn how to respond to your body’s communication with its emotions in a beneficial manner.
Meditation is the foundation for clear spirit/body communication. Understanding your body’s emotions will help you take charge of your creativity in your body. Enjoy your emotional communication and use it to consciously create your life.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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