To validate is to confirm or to assure the certainty of something. Validation verifies that something is true. Validation is acknowledging what is. Notice that good and bad are not associated with validation, only that something is. You can validate both things you like and things you dislike. You may validate you have pretty hair or validate that you have a blemish on your face. Both are acknowledging something as it is.

Spiritual validation is important for spiritual and physical growth. Validation offers neutrality and spiritual perspective which are important ingredients of clairvoyance. Our clairvoyance is greatly enhanced by our ability to validate. You allow things to be as they are when you validate them. You can change and grow when you validate yourself, but you get stuck when you do not acknowledge something. Many people call this lack of acknowledgment denial. When you do not validate what is, you cannot grow and change. If you deny that you have ten extra pounds you will continue to carry around the extra weight. Acknowledging the ten pounds, will wake you up and encourage you to change. Validating a personal talent allows you to use the ability more fully. Validating an illness lets you face it and re-balance to heal yourself. Ignoring these things keeps you where you are.sunrise-182302_640

You may not be validating that you are spirit and the creator of your life. This causes you to blame others for disturbances which stop you from taking responsibility for and control of your creations. You can learn to acknowledge the differences between you, the spirit, and your body and allow each to function in its unique fashion. Validating yourself as spirit and the creator of all of your creations puts you in charge of your body and your life.

You may have a relationship you are unhappy with and are blaming the other person for the problems. If you validate you are equally responsible, you regain your power to make a change. The change can vary from turning within to heal yourself, to confronting the other person, to ending the relationship. Until you validate what is, you cannot change. Start by validating that you are spirit, the creator of your life, and enable yourself to create with freedom and maybe even joy.

A friend of mine has problems with her sister and spent many years denying the situation. She recently validated her relationship problems and is experiencing a great deal of physical and spiritual growth. She is experiencing her body’s emotions and is focusing more as spirit to be in charge of her interaction. My friend is a healing presence as she changes and grows. She has learned to turn within and see herself, to see her sister, to confront, allow and do the relationship dance with more grace than she realizes. She has grown in awareness, neutrality and joy. She has released the “good and bad” concepts about both herself and her sister. Her validation of what is has set her free to create in her way, instead of within the confines of past family patterns. Her healing is also helping everyone in her family to grow.

Validation is essential to growth and healing. Validation is a foundation of neutrality. See what is and create your life from what exists, instead of from your or others’ expectations, fantasies or patterns. Validation is power.

What do you need to validate? Like so many, you may need to acknowledge that you are a bright, powerful spirit, the creator of your life and able to change. Validate what is and you can create what you desire.

By Mary Ellen Flora