Are you a hypocriteA hypocrite is someone who pretends to be something they are not. This game of pretense is extremely popular on the planet now. We all pretend at some time. The problems arise when we believe our pretenses and they become a lie. When we live with an abundance of lies that we believe, life becomes very confusing. We lose our self-identity and pretend to be something else.

Unfortunately, most people are not being taught the value of their unique self. This has expanded to many aspects of society including government, business, religions and many other groups. The world is full of hypocrites pretending to be kind, loving and helpful and, at the same time, being judgmental, hateful and controlling. Most every day I read about a political or religious leader claiming to follow their path while they vilify another group. It appears that even many leaders and influential groups are hypocrites.

Of course, there are sincere politicians, true believers and practitioners in every group but what has happened to our organizations? Have leaders gotten lost in the physical world of greed, power games, human rules and other body games? We are in an era of strong physical influence and the more organizations operate hypocritically; the less seekers find help. Thus, the more pretending and even lying become the norm.

This is a time of incredible growth on Earth. People are afraid, angry and in need of help. How can we trust leaders who preach one message and practice another? Governments, religions and big business add more disturbance to this time of transformation than help when they focus on pretense.

What can we do about the inability of leaders to provide the physical and spiritual guidance and leadership we need? We can turn within to God Within through meditation. When we meditate we connect with ourselves, the spirit. We awaken our spiritual awareness and abilities and realize that each of us is a spark of the Divine Whole. With this new awareness, we can strengthen our organizations instead of allowing them to deteriorate into hypocrisy. With self-knowledge and personal integrity, we can become or choose honest leaders of our influential groups.

When you awaken to your Divine self, you begin to see everyone else as spirit also. The physical limits of judgement and hate melt as we see everyone as part of the Whole. How can you judge a person of another religion, race, gender, belief system, or other difference when you see them as a spark of God?

If you do not meditate, begin. If you already meditate, use the time to rise above any hypocrisy you have. Stop pretending to be something you are not and allow yourself to be the child of God that you are.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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