AngelsThis is an excerpt from the eBook, Angels Don’t Need Wings,
by Mary Ellen Flora.

Angels are servants of God. They are spirits who devote their energy and talent to serving God. “Angel” means messenger, so they are best known for delivering messages for God. However, they do many things and serve God in many ways. Angels are spoken of in most religions and are important in the Hebrew, Christian and Islamic writings. Angels are part of ancient history in Zoroastrianism. Humans have been aware of angels since before the beginning of written history because angels have always played an important role in human creativity. The angels with whom we are familiar are the ones who have volunteered to help us on planet Earth.

There are more angels than we can imagine serving the Cosmos. There are also more angels than we can comprehend serving here on Earth. The number of angels available to assist in all of God’s creations is incomprehensible to the human intellect. The realm of angels is so immense that we will focus on the angels relating to planet Earth.

Earth Angels are an organized group with particular assignments. Angels are associated with places, events, individuals and groups of people. Angels are available to help in every circumstance and with every person. Most people have either had a personal experience with an angel or have heard of an experience from someone close to them. Angels are busy in the Earth plane because we humans need a great deal of assistance in our growth process, and angels are ideal helpers. Many angels who relate to Earth have lived in a human body at some time. This gives them compassion and an understanding of our life on Earth, which they gained through experience. Angels and humans have many things in common because both are spirit and a part of the Cosmic Consciousness. Both have the ability to manifest in a physical body, an astral body or no body at all since both angels and humans are pure spirit. Bodies are only vehicles for spirit, whether an angel or a human.

Angels and humans both have many spiritual talents such as clairvoyance, healing, telepathy and other spiritual abilities. These similarities are characteristics of all spirit. While humans are mostly unaware of these qualities, angels are fully aware of these spiritual talents and use them to serve God. These similarities can help angels and humans communicate and work together, even if humans are not completely conscious of their spiritual nature or of the existence of angels.

The main difference between humans and angels is that angels have devoted their entire spiritual system to the service of God while most humans are still working on developing their spiritual system and awareness of their spiritual nature. While humans develop spiritually, they have free will to choose what they will do with their talent and energy. Humans often choose a physically oriented focus. Angels also have freedom of choice and they have made the choice to serve God full time.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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