Angels and Me

“Angels are wonderful! They have been my companions and friends as early as I can remember. They have comforted me and reassured me many times. Angels have helped me be amused and remember that I am spirit. They have shared information and taught me important lessons. Angels have saved my body from injury and death many times. Go To Store

Angels are my best friends and have been since early childhood. I am certain my parents were concerned about me because I talked with my angel friends and told my family about the interactions. Often I would stop a family member from sitting in a chair where one of my “friends” was sitting. Fortunately, my family was tolerant of its strange child. I did learn not to speak of angels after entering school. Others were not as understanding of my spiritual view of life as was my family.
I learned to be more internal about my spiritual awareness until my early twenties. I expressed my spiritual abilities more openly when I matured and moved into the adult world, when I was no longer dependent on others for survival or approval. My angel friends were always there, and I became more open to communicating about them as I became more independent and certain about myself.”

Why I Wrote This Book

“Years ago, a friend asked me to write a book about my information and experiences with angels. There are many books about angels, so I did not believe another was needed. I have never read a book about angels, but my friend had, and reassured me that my information would shine new light on the subject. My knowledge of angels is intimate and close-up, not intellectual or detached, so this information may provide a new perspective of angels.”
“I have had a great deal of personal experience with angels and have also heard many amazing stories about angels from other people. I relate to angels in my teaching, writing and daily life, and communicate with them a great deal of the time. I work with angels for every healing project, whether I am relating to one individual or helping to raise the energy for our entire planet. I cannot imagine life without communication with angels, and I want everyone to know that all people can communicate with and receive from angels. They are wonderful friends and companions for anyone who calls on them. To angels, we are all part of God and each of us is equally important.
Angels have been my cheering section, inspiration, encouragement, guidance and reassurance while writing spiritual books, leading a spiritual organization and staying spiritually focused in my life. This information is to help you connect with these delightful spirits so you too can experience angelic support and perspective. Angels can help you in any aspect of your life, from the mundane to the sublime.”
“Everyone can learn to consciously relate to angels. Hopefully, this book will help you open your awareness to their presence. Angels are fun, delightful, joyous, educational and always helpful. I have enjoyed relating to angels all of my life, and angels do not need wings. The image of wings on angels is a human creation.”

by Mary Ellen Flora