healing key to spiritual balanceAre you struggling with a situation in your life – something that is frequently on your mind, worrying about this situation, thinking about what you will do, worrying about what others will do, and wishing things would change?

Maybe the situation involves a relationship that seems to be difficult. Have you ever thought, “If only he, or she, would change, then the problem would be solved and I would be so much happier?” Maybe it’s a job situation that is frustrating you because things aren’t going your way and you think “If that co-worker would just stop doing what they are doing, things would be so much better.” Maybe it’s a health problem you have which doesn’t seem to be getting better. “If someone would just invent that magic pill, then the problem would be solved.” Maybe you wish that someone would come along and just solve the problem for you or take the problem away.

From Healing: Key to Spiritual Balance by Mary Ellen Flora: “Each soul creates his experience here on Earth according to what he needs to learn. This schoolhouse format of planet Earth requires that each soul know how to heal himself in order to learn his lessons. Each soul is unique; thus, each lesson and each healing process is also unique. Spiritual growth is a process of continuous healing and change.”

So, you have created these situations in order to learn your spiritual lessons. But when you are hoping that others will change, where is your attention? When your attention is on others to solve your problems, you have less of your own energy and power. Others can help you, but you need to choose how they assist.

All healing is self healing and healing is change. You can change anything you wish to change. By turning within and learning to know yourself, you can bring about changes for yourself in all your relationships, including your relationship with your body. The solutions to your problems are within you, including who to seek help from, such as friends, doctors, ministers, lawyers, angels, family and so forth. All you need is faith – the belief that change can occur.

You can turn within and quiet yourself and use the meditation techniques to get in touch with your answers, receive assistance and receive guidance from your God. You have your unique healing energy to use to make the changes you wish to make. You can use the meditation techniques we teach here to help focus your attention and allow your healing energy to flow. You can use grounding to release anything that interferes with you healing yourself. You can communicate with your God each day to receive guidance and assistance in your self-healing.

From Healing: Key to Spiritual Balance by Mary Ellen Flora: “Concepts, ideas and words are all energy. When we change a concept or idea, we create healing. Old concepts from this life or a past life, or a concept that we accepted from someone else, can block us from achieving new goals…It is necessary to remove the old idea in order for the new concept to flourish. Often we become resistant to past experiences, particularly if they were painful. This resistance forms a holding pattern with the past and we continue to create the same experiences. Healing requires that we let go of the past and foreign concepts so we can operate from our new beliefs in the present.”

So, we can use the meditation techniques to let go of concepts that no longer work for us. We can release limits to our ability to heal ourselves when we can release resistance and past time pain so that these energies no longer affect us. We are not alone. We have spiritual and physical help to assist us in our healing projects.

As we heal ourselves, we are not only changing ourselves but we are giving to others. We are all part of a larger group, so we all benefit from the growth and change that each one of us makes. As we change and heal ourselves, we give others permission to change, and we heal the world around us.

By Linda Roberson

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