A young friend told me that zombies are back in vogue. Zombie mania was popular when I was young and has again become a phenomenon in books, movies, video games and conversation. I hear there is even a zombie survival training class like boot camp for when the zombies arise.

meditation instruction The zombie craze made me ponder the zombie like nature of so many people today. The drug zombies and electronic media zombies are only two types of modern day lifelessness. The everyday “zombies” are those who put themselves to sleep with pain, over stimulation, drugs, intense fear, and various brain, nerve and even whole body deadening activities and substances. One similarity between the self-induced zombies and the myth of zombies is the idea that lifelessness is created by something outside of self.

We are the ones who create our life so we choose to be aware and awake or numb and lifeless. Most people do not realize they have deadened themselves because they surrounded themselves with other lifeless people and situations. Do you need to bring yourself back to life? The class for overcoming rising zombies could help cure some aspects of being a zombie by getting your body in motion. Physical motion helps enliven the body, but the core issues created by the individual must be addressed to overcome lifelessness. If someone is a “TV couch potato” they can become healthier and more full of life by simply moving. But what is the underlying cause for wanting to escape life?

Meditation helps you turn within and bring yourself back to life by facing the cause for escape behavior. Meditation helps you cleanse deadening energies and bring vitality into your body. Meditation actually changes the whole body by cleansing present and past disturbances such as pain, fear, hate and other debilitating life creations. With continued meditation, you fill the cleansed space within yourself with vitality and neutrality. Do include the technique of grounding to make your body safe as you raise its vibration through cleansing. Grounding connects you, the spirit, to your body and helps you live with a higher level of energy.

When things begin to deaden your life, turn to meditation to bring yourself back to life. When you want to turn off with drugs, alcohol, electronic stimulation and so forth, pause for a meditation break instead. Leave zombie land and join the fun of being aware and alive.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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