Discover yomeditation everett washingtonur amazing spiritual talents and change your life. Awaken your clairvoyance, healing abilities, telepathy and other natural abilities with this unique meditation. Introduce yourself to ancient meditation techniques translated into modern language. This meditation is based on ancient spiritual techniques and acknowledges the existence of spirit. This meditation practice recognizes spirit as the light and life of the body and the body as the vessel of spirit.

A short list of techniques is:

  • 1. Spiritual Focus
  • 2. Validation of our spirit/body duality
  • 3. Specific spiritual techniques include:

We present information about the characteristics of both spirit and body and the amazing differences between spirit and body. These differences confuse many people and groups. For example, body operates within time and space while spirit is not restricted by time or space. Therefore, spirit can create in past, present and future while the body creates only in present time. When spirit is focused on the body, it is in present time. The body has emotions and spirit does not have emotions, so all emotions relate to the body. Spirit must learn how to understand, interpret and use emotions to communicate with the body. The brain and intellect are also aspects of the body. Spirit has a much higher level of energy than the body and is able to move beyond feeling and thinking to seeing and knowing. Spirit and body are essentially opposite and our unique meditation assists people to bring spirit and body into communication in order to accept and respect the characteristics of both.

Learn this unique meditation in order to awaken to your spirit/body differences and cease to try to make your body like you, the spirit, or vice versa. A great deal of confusion occurs throughout human experience when spirit and body are misunderstood. Spirit is the life and light of the body and the body is the vessel of spirit. This clarifies a great deal in all of life experience and this meditation practice teaches how to return to your harmony with both spiritual and physical awareness.

Bringing together is central to our meditation. Bringing together spirit and body, earth and cosmic, unique spirit and the cosmic consciousness. We use amusement and enthusiasm to raise the body’s vibration and help with the major transitions this meditation creates within us. We also teach how to be neutral and rise above judgment and other body characteristics (i.e. emotions), to be in charge as spirit.

This unique meditation must be experienced since it cannot be comprehended with the intellect only. You need to practice the techniques to train your body, similar to physical exercise. Using the techniques allows you to enjoy the growth that occurs when you meditate. The concepts of no effort, present time focus and non-resistance are all practiced.

There are several avenues to learning this unique meditation practice:

Many students have said:
“This information has saved my life,” “I wouldn’t be alive without these techniques.” “These techniques saved my marriage.” “These are the ancient mysteries!” The meditation techniques definitely open you to a new view of yourself and your life.

If you are interested in spiritual awakening, a neutral view of you and greater control of your life, join us for a unique meditation practice.

By Mary Ellen Flora


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